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What is Chi

Chi is a word used in Asian countries and Ancient martial arts culture that describes the flow of energy in the body. A source of life within us that can balance your health and your emotions. We like this word a lot when we talk about our food here at Chi Nutrition, as we believe a balanced lifestyle starts with what you put in your body. Your energy source! This does not mean counting every macro in your plain chicken breast and asparagus meal! True balance in your diet should include enjoyment and pleasure in your experience, a wide variety of proteins, and cuisines from all over the world. The food we eat is the energy we use to live! Let’s live it right from the start!


Our Food


Every week Chi nutrition will bring you a new set menu. This allows our chef to stay as creative and inspired as possible to bring balance, energy and flavor into your life. Each menu will be well rounded, with calorie, protein, carbohydrates and fat count labeled on each meal. All menus will consist of:


  • High protein values

  • Whole grain carbohydrates 

  • Low in fat and dairy 

  • Cuisines from around the world

  • Fresh and never frozen

  • Locally acquired produce 

  • Cooked just hours before its arrives at your door!

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